Brian Bennett

I was recently loaned an old photograph of the very first teaching staff of the old Mold Central School, which later became known as Ysgol Daniel Owen, and subsequently part of the Mold Alun complex. I appreciate that this photograph will be of greater interest to our older readers but several staff members featured on the image taught at the school until the 1960s when I was in attendance. Of particular interest is the gentleman in the centre of the front row who was either the first Headmaster or acting- Head; not Mr. T Ceiriog Williams which is widely assumed. The gentleman featured is Mr Shaw and I believe he held the position briefly until forced to retire through ill health. He was succeeded by Mr. Ceiriog Williams.

On his left is Mr. David Garston who went on to become the Deputy Head and taught there until the mid 1960s, primarily teaching Mathematics in Room 7, as I recall. Next to Mr Garston is Mr Joe Evans. Personally, I don’t remember him but I believe he was a very capable teacher who also taught mathematics. Mr Jack Evans (front right) was a well known figure, again until c.1965, teaching Geography in Room 10. He was affectionately known for decades as ‘Jack Pimp’ to the children, and probably staff alike, because of a rather obvious pimple which was in evidence on the side of his nose. A lovely man, well respected, and he got me through my geography exams! The lady ( third from left — front row ) was Miss Evans, who later mamed Mr Wynne Williams the Chemist, who together with his brother ran a Chemist Shop for many years in Wrexham Street. Again, a well respected teacher who I believe also taught craftwork. Standing ( back right ) is Mr Gordon Aubrey, who for many years taught PT ( Physical Training although some would say Physical Torture ) today’s Physical Education. In my time he packed up the physically strenuous stuff and transferred to the Mathematics Department. Another interesting point to note is that the majority of the staff are wearing graduate gowns. It may just have been for the photographer’s benefit, since I certainly do not remember such outfits being worn while teaching took place. I am sure that some of you more senior readers remember such outfits being in vogue.

Viewing this old photograph will hopefully bring back a few memories for some of you hopefully pleasant ones. My sincere thanks to Mrs Mary Garston of Pantymwyn ( daughter-in-law of Mr David Garston) for her help and permission to print the accompanying image.

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